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The Stockheim Group consciously lives by ecological standards. These include:

  • Using energy sparingly through innovative energy sources and electronic devices with energy-saving modes, e.g. dishwashers that consume less electricity and water.
  • Technology for the precise metering of cleaning and disinfecting agents.
  • Training employees to ensure that they use cleaning agents responsibly.
  • Using biodegradable cleaning and disinfecting agents from Ecolab – to reduce wastewater contamination by as much as 65% compared to conventional systems. In environmental matters, Ecolab works in close cooperation with the manufacturing industry and the authorities and takes ecological aspects into account accordingly.
  • Not using conventional disposable dishes, while at the same time stringently separating waste.
  • Only using disposable dishes made from sugar cane fibres, which are 100% biodegradable.
  • Using packaging which is then recycled – as specified by the German "Dual System".
  • Reducing waste. Food scraps are collected and recycled by one of our partners in a biogas plant and Stockheim gives food waste special treatment. Considering the fact that catering, hospitals, canteens and schools throw away around 1.9 million tonnes of food p.a., and the savings potential is 50%, we at Stockheim have developed a retail concept in which food is sold rather than destroyed.
  • Primarily sourcing products regionally, with short transport distances and energy-saving potential.


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